New US-24 aiding in business development

(Toledo News Now) - New development is happening around the Anthony Wayne area. This is partly due to more traffic thanks to the new US-24.

Papoo's in Whitehouse has been in business for nearly a year and recently has added a new expansion.

"When the room next door became available, it was either take it now or run the risk that somebody else would move in, so we took the plunge now," said co-owner Gregory Morris.

Morris said the new 24 did not drive their expansion but said he hopes it could bring them even more customers in the future.

"I'm sure, over time, as that develops, it can't hurt us down the road. If hotels and stuff go in, I'm sure it can't hurt us," said Morris.

The Yark Chevrolet on 64 is undergoing renovations and Shawn's Irish Tavern is expanding.

"Our anticipation when we opened up was that we'd do very well, but we didn't realize how well. The community has received us very well, and at this point we need to build a new kitchen," said Shawn's Irish Tavern owner Jeff Lark.

"Regardless of whether the road was under construction or the road was finished, our business has been positive. The reduction of traffic on (the old) 24 has actually helped us because people will venture downtown more now than they did before," said Lark.

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