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McCain supporting Romney in BG Tuesday

BOWLING GREEN, OH (Toledo News Now) - Arizona Senator John McCain campaigned in favor of Governor Mitt Romney Tuesday. A rally turned into a "storm relief" event as supporters were asked to bring canned goods.

McCain thanked volunteers at the Wood County Republican Headquarters and campaigned for Josh Mandel and Mitt Romney.

"I think it is appropriate for us to do what we can to donate whatever assistances necessary. People are going to be without basic necessities for a period of time, days. And so, I think the President has handled this well and I think that Mitt Romney has handled it well."

Hurricane Sandy has been campaign topic for both candidates but Romney has taken heat over statements made months ago about his stance on the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

During the GOP debates, Governor Romney said states and the private sector should handle relief efforts, not FEMA.

"Of course Romney is not going to not make sure there's sufficient funds to take care of natural disasters. It's just, it's just foolish. It's just again, these kinds of desperate attacks by the Obama campaign and Obama who can't defend his record," said McCain.

Senator McCain said he does not believe Hurricane Sandy will have an impact on the election or either candidate.

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