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Restaurant Ratings: Dust, buildup, floors and dishwashers problematic

Big'z Bar and Grill on West Sylvania Avenue racked up 16 violations in its latest restaurant inspection. Big'z Bar and Grill on West Sylvania Avenue racked up 16 violations in its latest restaurant inspection.

(Toledo News Now) – Although their food may differ, many restaurants face the same problems when it comes to their inspections.

Spicy Tuna in Holland is well known for its sushi and shrimp, but inspectors found it known for something else in its eight violations. Upon visiting in early October, management was asked to install a door sweep or threshold at the back entrance to keep pests and/or rodents from contaminating the kitchen.

Cardboard is a kitchen favorite as inspectors say it is being used in a variety of ways it should not be. Boxes have turned into storage units and drip trays, while cardboard is also in the cooler, as well as with kitchen equipment. Cardboard is not an approved material in any capacity in a restaurant unless it is receiving a product in the box. Afterwards, it should be broken down and thrown away.

The hood system needs to be added to the "clean regularly" list to prevent the buildup of grease. There are also plumbing issues at two separate sinks. A plumber was scheduled to fix the problems immediately.

While at the Tropic's Lounge along Sylvania Avenue in west Toledo, inspectors noted three violations, including fish being thawed improperly. Thawing must be done under a constant flow of cold water, in a cooler, or as part of the cooking process. If these methods are not followed, the health of others could be at risk.

Also, towels located under the bar glasses needed to be removed. Glasses are to be stored on a clean, sanitized surface. Towels are absorbent and can collect debris that will contaminate glassware.  

The flooring under the ice bin at Tropic's is deteriorating and caving in. Inspectors are reminding management that all floors must remain in good condition, smooth and easily cleanable. 

Two repeat violations make up the seven found at Tribe's Tavern on West Alexis Road in west Toledo. No hand soap or paper towels made it to the bar hand sink. It is required to have all sinks stocked with soap and paper towels to ensure proper handwashing.

The floor is also in rough condition and needs to either be repaired or replaced. Inspectors found buildup inside the ice machine and the ice bin has a hose that is not connected to the tavern's sewer line, it is hanging down into the basement and leaking all over the floor. Employees are not to use the ice bin until the drain line is repaired.

Three out of four hand sinks at Big'z Bar and Grill on West Sylvania Avenue are not stocked with paper towels, but has since been corrected. But that is just one of 16 violations.

Nacho cheese and soup were both being reheated in a steam table. All foods must be reheated on a direct heat source of 165 degrees within two hours. The dish machine is not dispensing chlorine and must be fixed before it can be used again. The ice machine, pizza hood and pop guns all need to be thoroughly cleaned and a pool of water behind the bar needs to be mopped.

Inspectors also reported a bartender was seen eating in the same space she was slicing lemons and limes. All food preparation must be done in the bar or kitchen, not in a dining area. No eating can happen during food preparation in general.

East of Chicago Pizza on Heatherdowns Boulevard in south Toledo received eight violations. Inspectors noted the food needs to start being labeled with dates. Additionally, a hood over the pizza oven is in need of serious cleaning. Inspectors say there are dust and crusted carbon deposits on it.

Dust and grease sit atop ceiling vents and tiles, plus cardboard lines shelves. Some repair work is in order because the dishwasher is not dispensing chlorine. Staff members will need to wash all plates, pans and utensils by hand until the problem is fixed.

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