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Sandy affecting travels in NW Ohio, turnpike bans certain vehicles

(Toledo News Now) - The Ohio Turnpike Commission has issued a ban on a variety of vehicles until 10 a.m. Tuesday morning.

The ban includes triple-trailer semis, mobile homes, high-profile campers, as well as boat and horse trailers towed by passenger vehicles or trucks.

View the complete Turnpike alert.

"It has been raining steadily and raining hard for the past eight hours of driving, like it hasn't let up yet," said Theresa Smart.

Smart was in Washington DC this past weekend when her trip got cut short by Sandy.  She tried to find an earlier flight back to Indiana but had no luck.

"Every flight that I could have possibly taken was booked, people were getting out of the city, and when I looked into renting a car, to see if I could just drive back myself, all the rental cars were unavailable too," said Smart.

"We started off in Chicago, we had four days in Chicago, went to Florida for four days, then had a great three days in New York and had to cut it short," said Roger Batho.

Flights all over the east coast have been canceled because of Sandy.

"We decided to make our flight back to the UK from Chicago, by driving across from New York to Chicago, about a 14 hour journey, but it means, I hope we'll get our connection back to London," said Batho.

A New Jersey man is concerned and said the effects of this storm could have an effect on the whole country.

"It could affect the election, you know, if it's bad and it's raining, trees falling down, people you know lose their buildings it could affect the election, so it's not just effecting the people, it could definitely effect the future as well," said Kevin Richards.

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