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Voters being asked to support BG school income tax levy

BOWLING GREEN, OH (Toledo News Now) - Voters are being asked to support a higher income tax for Bowling Green schools. The school said if the levy does not pass, reductions could be made.

Since 2004 Bowling Green city schools has cut 48 employees and closed two elementary schools. According to Superintendent Dr. Ann McVey, that has not solved the districts problems.

"We've not been able to really reduce our way out of the deficits or the reductions in the budget," said Dr. McVey.

The school is asking voters to approve a 5-year .75% income tax operating levy, which will be added to the .50% percent residents already pay. 

That means for someone making $50,000 per year, they'll pay $31.25 per month. The levy will generate 4 million dollars in 18 months.

Dr. McVey said without passage, the school would be forced to make cuts to teachers, transportation, athletics, and other extra-curricular activities

"We're not necessarily thinking that maybe a total elimination of programs but down to the very bare minimum," said Dr. McVey.

Asmahan Shaheen went to school in Bowling Green as did her son. Shaheen said she does not want to see anyone lose their job but she will be voting no.

"I feel education is important but me being a single parent for so long, I'm trying to do ends meet to keep my home, pay my bills and every time they just keep adding to the tax levy, adding to the tax levy. It's not affordable," said Shaheen.

"We believe that if people can vote for the tax. They will. Do we also know that some people in our community probably can't? Absolutely," said McVey

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