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Magnesium plant fire causes concern to residents of Bellevue

BELLEVUE, OH (Toledo News Now) - It was quite a scary Friday night for the folks who live along Gardner Road in Bellevue.

About a mile away at the MagReTech plant, there was a fire and explosion.

Galen Zieber was evacuated from his house after he went outside and saw a mile long, low hanging cloud of smoke covering his backyard.

"I breathed five minutes of it in. I could feel my lungs burning slightly from the smoke. I got out. I knew it was going to be bad," said Mr. Zieber.

MagReTech recycles magnesium.

The Bellevue Fire Department says flames broke out in a semi-truck parked at the plant carrying scraps of magnesium.

Inhaling the metal's fumes is a health hazard.

That's why the Sandusky County Sheriff's Department ordered a handful of evacuations.

Others were told to keep their doors and windows closed.

"When a fire like that happens there's some seriousness to it. Not only extinguishing the fire but also the pollution in the air, especially for residents in the area," said Sandusky County Sheriff Kyle Overmyer.

Last March, there was another fire at the plant.

Schools closed for the day and residents stayed home.

There were no injuries.

Still, Galen Zieber has no plans to move.

"What can we do. Ain't much we can do. Not much we can do since they moved in," said Mr. Zieber.

The cause of the latest fire remains under investigation.

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