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WTOL Editorial: Apply credibility test when deciding to vote yes, no

In addition to the candidates, on November 6, there are a lot of organizations and issues looking for your vote.  I read an article recently that suggested voters apply the credibility test as they make choices.  In other words as yourself questions like:

· Has this organization avoided scandals and embarrassing controversies?

· Have its leaders been forthcoming with problems and transparent about solutions?

· Has the organization honored its commitments and delivered on its promises?

· Is this still a need in your community or does it feel like an unnecessary, non-essential allocation of your money?

· Do think you or your community would be unhappy if the organization could no longer provide the services you are used to?

There were other ideas listed but I think these are the critical questions.  Based on the Credibility Test, if you think it deserves a YES then vote accordingly.  But if the answers to these questions leave you shaking your head, the best way to bring about change just might be a NO vote.

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