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Does It Work: Black Out

(Toledo News Now) – With identity theft more common nowadays, you have to be sure to protect yourself and your information. The product Black Out claims it can help you, but does it work?

Most folks shred, tear or remove personal information from mail and magazines. What if you could make things tough for identity thieves by covering up your address and account numbers?

A product called Black Out promises to block out your information in a matter of seconds.

Inside the $10 box, you'll find a stamp and security pen with special ink to prevent check washing. 

We tried it on a couple of magazine labels and several pieces of junk mail; each time, it was hard to see anything after using the stamp. It did well mixing up letters and numbers. Nothing could be seen on the front or back of the paper, not even when the paper was held up to the light.

We also tried another experiment: signing a name using a regular pen and then the Black Out pen. We used a check washing solution on the first signature. It began to fade, but it was harder to remove the ink from the Black Out pen. 

It is fast and easy, a good fit for junk mail, but you may want to stick to shredding documents you consider to be extremely sensitive.  

The Black Out gets a "thumbs up" because at $10, it's a steal.

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