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Wood County 1 of 6 swing counties in Ohio

WOOD COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) - A new Rasmussen poll shows President Barack Obama and presidential candidate Mitt Romney in a dead tie in Ohio. Both candidates showed to have 48 percent of the votes.

Wood County is one of six counties in ohio that is considered a swing county. In 2004, Wood County voters cast their ballot for President Bush. In 2008, they did for President Obama.

"You can go back to, I think it's JFK, where we've picked the winner so it goes much farther than that. We're a county that's roughly evenly split between democrats and republicans and so we really have to work hard to carry it for our county," said Mike Zickar, Chairman of the Wood County Democratic Party.

Knowing Wood County is a swing county means both sides are working equally as hard.

"I think in 2008 you had a historic election. I think that obviously we're a swing county, since 1960 we've predicted the winner every time but once, so we know that we've got to fight and a battle, we've been working on it, been working on it in the grass roots for a long time and we think we have the advantage," said Matthew Reger, Chairman of the Wood County Republican Party.

The Wood County Democratic Party believes voters will re-elect President Obama because of what he has done for the area.

"Voters in Wood County, you don't have to look far, you don't have to talk to too many people down the street to realize that his policies really helped this county. unemployment would be much higher is he wouldn't have done the auto bailout, Chrysler plant on 795 in Perrysburg Township might be shuttered, and I think the estimate is 1200 jobs in wood county were saved," said Zickar.

Reger said Romney will bring the change that is needed.

"He's going to work on the job situation, the budget deficit, I mean I think that really resonates with people when he says we've got a five trillion dollar addition to our debt the last four years. The message that Governor Romney has is a great message saying hey we're looking to the future and we need to solve these problems," said Reger.

The Rasmussen report shows two percent of voters in Ohio plan to vote for a different candidate and three percent as undecided.

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