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Perrysburg Township asking voters to pass Fire and EMS levy

PERRYSBURG TOWNSHIP, OH (Toledo News Now) - For the past couple of years the Perrysburg Township Fire and EMS department has been considering putting a levy on the ballot.

In order to avoid going to taxpayers, township trustees have been funding portions of the budget out of the general fund.

"At this point with decreases in revenue, decreases in state funding...losses of some tax revenue. We can no longer continue to sustain the operation of taking money out of the general fund. It's just depleting the general fund," said Perrysburg Township Fire Chief Tom Brice.

The four mill levy will provide funding for the next five years. For a $100,000 home owner that will be an extra $140 per year or $11.67 per month.

Should the levy fail that would mean cuts.

"A good chunk of the operating budget is devoted to personnel costs and quite frankly that's what makes the difference in the operation," said Brice.

Losing full-time personnel from the station will add to the time it takes to make a run.

"That's a significant difference if it's your business, it's your home that's on fire or if it's you having a heart attack. The more time it takes us to get there, having people have to come into the station from home, the more likely you are not to survive," Brice.

Area residents said they praised the service and speed of the department and will be voting yes on November 6.

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