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Ottawa County makes mistake on voter information cards

OTTAWA COUNTY, OH (Toledo News Now) - Ottawa County Board of Elections sent out voter information cards last Thursday with incorrect information. The date of the election and polling location was wrong.

Registered voters in three precincts of Danbury Township received the post card in the mail. The election date is posted as Tuesday November 8 when the election is actually Tuesday November 6.

"I surmise that the date probably was wrong because we had a card in our computer and we brought it up and were just changing the things that needed to be changed and that was overlooked on one," said JoAnn Friar, Director of the Ottawa County Board of Elections.

The second error on the card deals with the polling location. Voters in the three precincts vote at the Danbury High School maintenance building.

"Instead of telling them to go them to go to the West side of the building, we told them to go to the East side of the building," said Friar.

Friar said she believes voters would have been able to find their polling location despite the error because they have been voting on that side of the high school for years. Friar said that does not right the mistakes.

"The total of about 2,300 voters that got cards. Democrat and Republican and the ones who are not affiliated with any party," said Friar.

Friar and the Ottawa County Board of Elections have apologized for the errors and are working to correct the mistakes.

"On our website, we've put an apology and then we have been printing the cards, we are doing corrective cards and they will go out in the mail probably tomorrow evening," said Friar.

Some voters who received the post cards said while the mistakes should not have been made, they would have used their common sense to realize the corrections.

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