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The Andersons looking to construct new rail car facility

MAUMEE, OH (Toledo News Now) - Maumee's biggest employer is looking to expand. The Andersons will construct a new rail car facility and that means a few benefits for the surrounding community.

Plans submitted to the city of Maumee show there is going to be about 27,000 square feet of construction behind the grain elevators at the Maumee facility.

 The Andersons own a number of rail cars and maintain them for other companies. They say their current facility is getting too small.

"What they are proposing is to build a new facility that will allow them to repair and refurbish a greater number of rail cars, and to do that in a more efficient manner and one that's more environmentally friendly," said Maumee City Administrator John Jezak.

 The city agreed to 100 percent tax abatement for the next ten years for the property.

 "Had the abatement not occurred, we would receive approximately $40,000 in additional real estate property from their expansion. With the abatement and the agreement that we have, we will still receive the same amount," said Maumee Schools Superintendent Gregory Smith.

If construction starts on time, the school district can first expect to see the revenue in 2015. It will go toward the general operating fund.

Superintendent Smith said every bit helps but it will not make up for all of the revenue they are losing.

"$40,000 sounds like a lot, but in reality in a 27 million dollar budget, it helps. So we could use a lot more expansion," said Smith.

The city says the Andersons expects to create ten new jobs because of the expansion and retain 30.

There will also be work for those constructing the facility. Jezak said he is pleased with the deal.

"The Andersons get to move forward with the project. The local school districts are made whole. Jobs are created and jobs are retained here in the city, and a new building goes up," said Jezak.

Construction should be complete in the spring of next year.

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