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Maumee Police to issue citations for drivers using wrong ramp

MAUMEE, OH (Toledo News Now) - Maumee Police say it has been a safety hazard for weeks and it is time to start cracking down on the problem. They say people are taking the wrong ramp from Fallen Timbers toward Maumee and Toledo.

While the new U.S. Route 24 was being built, the usual ramp toward Toledo was closed so drivers turned left to get onto Anthony Wayne Trail. Now that construction is over, turning left is off limits.

Six signs have gone up from Russell Road to the overpass indicating drivers to use the right lane to head toward Toledo. The ramp is designed in a loop to slow down traffic.

Plus, police say when driving from Side Cut Metropark toward the ramp, there is a blind curb. They say turning left onto Anthony Wayne Trail will make accidents more likely, but people are still doing it.

One Maumee officer says he stopped and warned at least 40 people Tuesday.

With more traffic to come near the shops at Fallen Timbers as the holidays approach, Maumee Police are getting tougher. 

"We've been very fair for a period of probably three weeks, warning folks. Now we're going to have to be a little more proactive and issue citations to get that behavior to stop," said Officer Jeff Medere. 

Police will be handing out citations instead of warnings now. One citation will cost about $125.

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