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Restaurant Ratings: 1 restaurant operating without a license

Magdalena's Bar and Grill on West Alexis Road had a total of 15 violations, including operating without a license. Magdalena's Bar and Grill on West Alexis Road had a total of 15 violations, including operating without a license.

(Toledo News Now) - The basics of running a business are lost on restaurants this week. At least one bar and grill is serving customers without a valid license.

Magdalena's Bar and Grill on West Alexis Road in west Toledo was caught operating without a license. The facility was cited during its visit from county inspectors Oct. 11. New owners recently took over and were quickly reminded that licenses are not transferable.

Inspectors found a total of 15 violations, including hot dogs and ribs not date marked, cheese sitting at 62 degrees instead of below 41 degrees, and kitchen flooring was broken with tiles missing. To prevent foodborne illness, food must be stored at or below 41 degrees. 

Gourmet Garden Restaurant on Monroe Street in Sylvania voluntarily shut itself down because the facility's hood over the fryer in the kitchen is not working properly, in part because of excessive buildup on the vents. Before it can welcome customers, the equipment will need to be cleaned and inspected by the fire department. That is just one violation of 18.

Additional violations included buildup covering containers, wok stations, equipment, racks and hand sinks, plus a garden hose being used to rinse off dishes. Inspectors also found rust on cooler shelves, a leaky hand sink, and a potential for bacteria growth became apparent when garlic and oil mixture was noted sitting out at room temperature.

Manhattan's Restaurant on Adams Street in central Toledo caters to many area schools. At the end of September, eight violations were recorded on its inspection report, including a real lack of date labels in coolers. Chicken stock was dated 9/5. There is a seven-day discard date for all open and prepared TCS food items. Date labeling must also be consistent throughout all coolers and freezers.

Inside one cooler, milk and sour cream were sitting at 44 degrees. To prevent bacterial growth, dairy products must be held below 41 degrees. Equipment is encouraged to be cleaned frequently to prevent buildup, and hand sinks need to be kept clear to give employees the opportunity to wash their hands.

Date labeling was also a big problem at Barada on Monroe Street in west Toledo. Hummus and noodles, in particular, were without dates. In its 11 violations, inspectors found dust and buildup on hood vents, walls and sinks, plus a pot of chickpeas soaking in a mop sink. Food is not to be placed in a mop sink due to dirt and its use to fill and empty mop water. Another violation was open bags of bulk food in the storage room.

King's Chef Chinese Restaurant on Sylvania Avenue in Sylvania was hit with six violations. One violation included egg rolls and brown rice sitting out at room temperature. Fully cooked food was not covered in the walk-in cooler when it should be to limit the risk of bacteria growth. Also, some food items were being stored without date labels.

There are two restaurants this week reporting clean inspections: Little Caesar's Pizza on Lewis Avenue in west Toledo and Netty's on South Fearing Boulevard in south Toledo.

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