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Tension builds as mayor looks to raise pay for top officials

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Mayor Mike Bell has been trying to get city council to increase the pay ranges for the city's top executives but a recent meeting had council fail to approve any proposals.

Councilman Mike Collins called the mayor "dishonest" and "childish" in regards to a memo sent out by the mayor.

The memo stated:

"Council has chosen to ignore, through inaction, the fact that it has been fourteen years since executive exempt pay raises have been increased, and decided to put politics, and union pressure, ahead of the need to properly compensate the management team that led our city from the 'fiscal cliff'.

The mayor said the raises total $295,000 spread out among 70 staffers effective this past Friday.

For example, deputy mayor Steve Herwat's salary will jump from $90,000 to $92,500.

The memo stated:

"I am certain that some members of council will criticize these raises, as the comments of some members make it evident that they do not value the work performed daily by Toledo's executive leadership team."

City Councilman Mike Collins realizes the mayor has every right to raise salaries since council has not increased the pay ranges but took exception to the wording of the memo. 

"I think the Mayor is absolutely childish by making those statements. He shows no leadership, he demonstrates and attitude that I am the only one that has the ability to recognize how they city should be run," said Collins.

Collins called the mayor "dishonest" for asking bargaining units to make concessions six months ago to avoid layoffs.

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