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Gas prices may impact presidential election

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - The drop in prices at the pump could have an impact on this year's Presidential election.

That is the word from University of Toledo professor Dr. David Davis.

"Oh sure, it's good news for Obama that the prices are going down. The price of gasoline goes down in October, November. We don't have the summer driving season and we aren't into the Fall heating season," said Dr. Davis.

Tonya Kynard-Hinton said she is already decided who she is going to vote for and she is enjoying relief at the pump.

"They could be a little lower but I like this. I've already had my mind made up whether they're up or down," said Kynard-Hinton.

Jim Paszczykowski said he is a bit cynical about the timing, but thinks it can help the President's campaign.

"They might, but they'll go right back up I believe," said Paszczykowski.

Brandy Cansky said she knows who she will vote for and questions if President Obama has done enough to address high gas prices.

 "On the issue of gas prices, I don't think so. It's hard for me to say he's not done enough as far as only having 4 years to do it," said Cansky.

Professor Davis said any changes in pocketbook issues could influence the undecided voter.

"We're talking about a couple of percentage points one way or another, which will make the difference and in Ohio it could tip the election one way or another," said Dr. Davis.

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