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Ohio company creates product to avoid camera-issued tickets

CINCINNATI, OH (TOLEDO NEWS NOW) - A Cincinnati-based company called No Limits has created a license plate frame to block pictures from red light and speeding cameras.

The technology is called No Photo. The frame detects a flash from a red light or speeding camera and emits its own flash. That causes the camera to only photograph a bright, white light over the license plate.

The company says they have studied the law as it's written in Ohio and the device is legal in their interpretation. The company writes on its website "Since there is nothing physically covering or obscuring the license plate, the noPhoto does not violate any license plate cover laws. Quite literally, we are using the same light and the same bulbs that red light and speed cameras do. The noPhoto does not cover any state names, and there are no laws in existence regulating how much light is cast onto the license plate."

No Limits has a funding campaign going on now to raise cash to put the invention into production. They have raised about $12,000 toward an $80,000 goal on the crowdsource funding site Indiegogo.

The invention is being featured on major technology news sites such as Mashable. It is available for pre-order.

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