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Perrysburg woman facing more charges, allegedly scamming volunteer groups

PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) - A Perrysburg mom faces  new charges after detectives say she stole funds from various traveling baseball teams in Perrysburg.

Kiki Lorann was in charge of finances for several volunteer organizations in Perrysburg. In June Lorann was arraigned for stealing nearly $100,000 from many of the elementary school groups.

"Never, never in a million years, she was friends with a lot of people, she was on the board of Perrysburg baseball/softball, no one ever suspected she was doing anything like this," said Cindi Gumpf, personal director for the Amateur Baseball/Softball Commission.

Gumpf said she found many charges when she looked at the bank statement.

"Going to best buy and target, and to get her hair done, movies, hotel rooms, you name it, anything but baseball," said Gumpf.

Lorann is being charged with stealing $1,900 from the Perrysburg Dirtbags travel baseball team, nearly $10,000 from the Perrysburg Gold travel baseball team and more than $2,500 from the Amateur Baseball/Softball Commission.

"It's terrible. I mean it's bad enough to steal from people, but to steal from little kids is just unbelievable. We were so disappointed. Our sons are friends with her son. we were friends with them, they spent the night at our house, and to find out that they were turning around and stealing  from it, it's very disappointing," said Gumpf.

Lorann will be arraigned on new charges at the Wood County Commons plea court on October 30.

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