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EDITORIAL: Supreme Court’s reinstatement of Ohio early voting seen as win for Obama

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL Editorial) - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday of this week that Ohio must keep the polls open for early voting on the weekend prior to the election. 

Ohio Secretary of State John Husted had sought to close the early voting process on Friday, November 2.  He felt that polling place workers and the local election boards needed that final weekend to prepare for the onslaught of voters on Election Day.  Given the recent Election Day performance of the Lucas County Board of Elections, he probably had a point. 

No matter, The Obama campaign, the Democratic National Committee and the Ohio Democratic Party sued Ohio to restore early voting right up to the eve of the election. Because early voters are overwhelmingly Democratic this ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court is perceived as a win for Obama. 

For the record, the polls will be open Saturday 8am-2pm and Sunday 1pm-5pm.

In perhaps the most pivotal of all swing states, and depending on how successful the Democratic Party is in shuffling people to the weekend polls, the early voter turnout may indeed impact the final results. It is a safe bet Romney will be behind when the polls open on Tuesday.  In spite of this political reality, The Supreme Court had little choice but to rule as it did. 

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