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Call 11 For Action: Doctors advise against Halloween contact lenses

(Toledo News Now) – With the Halloween countdown started, many are still looking for that perfect costume and hope to complete the look with colored contacts. However, health officials have found colored contact lenses to be very dangerous to eye health.

Colored contact lenses can change eye color and even change eye shape. If you are not careful, they can change your eye for good and lead to some real-life nightmares.

"The worst that can happen is you can end up with some permanent vision loss from wearing these contact lenses. There's been some documented cases of blindness," said Optometrist Dr. Jeff Sarazen. 

Sarazen says it happens all too often. People come in with eye infections because they bought vampire eyes somewhere they should not have. 

"People are buying them at gas stations, kiosks in the mall, and that's the way some of these companies are distributing these illegally," explained Sarazen.

It is against the law to sell colored contact lenses without a license or prescription. Stores that sell them anyway are risking a fine of up to $10,000 by the FDA.

If you just have to have them, the best place to get them is from your eye doctor, especially because one size does not fit all.

"Get a comprehensive eye exam. Make sure your eyes can wear and tolerate contact lenses, and make sure you get the right fit," suggested Sarazen.

Sarazen says the lenses are still risky because they inhibit your ability to see well at night.

"They're very dark. They don't allow the right amount of light in. Your pupils tend to dilate at night a little bit and if you're driving with them in, you might not see the little trick-or-treaters that are running around," said Sarazen.

The bottom line is there is definitely more to these contact lenses than what meets the eye.

No matter how much your kids beg and plead with you to let them sport the "lizard-eye" look this Halloween, doctors say if they are younger than 12, your answer should always be no. Their eyes are not fully developed and they should not be putting contacts in.

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