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EDITORIAL: End of life planning difficult, but important

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL Editorial) - For most people, dying is an uncomfortable topic, especially when it is your own death that you are discussing.  But talking about your eventual demise is exactly what the 78 million Baby Boomers should do.  I attended a lecture this week by Dr. Ira Byock.  He is an expert in hospice and palliative care.  His book, "The Best Care Possible" is filled with common sense advice for helping you plan for a dignified death. 

Dying well, he says, is hard but it is not impossible.  Since many of us have dealt firsthand with the disappointment, anger and shame related to caring for aging and dying parents we know the health care world can become a confusing, disorganized place.  When we seek clarity, and comfort for our loved ones, we are confronted with just the opposite.  The lessons learned by you and your friends should not go to waste. 

Baby Boomers have proven to be self-reliant and have always carried through life with high expectations.  We should take that same attitude toward our mortality.  There are simple, legal documents that help take the uncertainty out of this process.  When you combine these documents with earnest discussions with your spouse and children, you will create a template for an end-of-life process that preserves your dignity and eases some of the pain for your loved ones.   

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