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Don't Waste Your Money: Some high-tech gadgets not selling

(Toledo News Now) - High-tech gadgets will be the hottest thing this 2012 holiday season, especially with the expected release of a new iPad Mini. But believe it or not, some high-tech items are not selling well.
Consumers can't get enough of high-tech gadgets, from smart phones to tablets, to the latest flat-screen TVs. We love new technology. Except sometimes we don't.

It turns out there are some new high tech items most people have very little interest in buying.

Some Products Get A Yawn

When Apple releases a new product, fans line up overnight, as with the iPhone 5.

But some other new tech items are getting a big yawn these days from consumers, according to a new report in Time magazine.

3-D TV

The number 1 tech disappointment, according to the report, is the 3-D TV.
Prices are plummeting because buyers are shunning the TVs.

Electric Cars

Number 2: Electric cars, such as the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt.

Time says automakers are scaling back plans for more electric cars because of the lackluster response. Chevy is now advertising the Volt's other attributes, not the fact it is electric, the report says.

Hybrids, especially Toyota's Prius, however, continue to set sales records. So the issue is not that consumers still want gas guzzlers, it's that most are not yet ready for all electric.

Mobile Wallets

Number 3: Mobile wallets, where you pay with your smart phone.

In 25 years, we will all probably pay with a simple swipe, but consumers are not yet opening up to this new way of paying.

Why We Are Reluctant

From the "Doesn't that Stink" file, comes a big reason tech products disappoint: The support system is not yet there.

Time says mobile wallets will be the future, but most stores, with the exception of Starbucks, are not yet ready.

Trying to pay by phone today? You'll probably say "doesn't that stink."

Electric cars need fast-charging stations. Imagine pulling into your local BP gas station and saying your Leaf needs a charge. 
3-D TVs still need awkward glasses, which most people don't want to wear. When 3-D is painless and glasses-free, most people will probably buy a set.

Bottom Line
There is nothing wrong with any of these groundbreaking items. But if it's new, different, and somewhat expensive, like a 3-D TV, it's sometimes best to wait for a friend or neighbor to get one first. Then kick the tires, and see what you think, so you don't waste your money.

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