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Animal House Rescue helping puppies from central Ohio mill raid

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Animal House Rescue is the Toledo group that took in twelve of the dogs rescued from a puppy mill raid in Central Ohio. All of the animals are at various foster homes around the area.

Honey is one of the dogs saved in the raid. Vikkie Lewis is a volunteer with the group and is fostering Honey until she finds a home. Honey is also pregnant.

"Little Honey came to us pregnant, we don't know, what she was bred with or when she will have the puppies but once her puppies are born and when they're about eight weeks old they will be put up for adoption as she will be available for adoption as well," said Lewis

There were 52 dogs saved from the property of a farmer in Pickaway County. Lewis said the farmer is believed to have been breeding the dogs under dangerous conditions.

"They don't get adequate care. They are not cared for like our everyday pets are in the home, mostly kept in barns and cages and crates. They are just bred one litter after another in sometimes deplorable conditions," said Lewis.

"They looked like just a massive, almost like a rotted rug. You couldn't even tell that it was a dog, you couldn't see eyes, couldn't see teeth, faces, you couldn't tell one end from the other," said Lewis.

Lewis said it takes some time for the dogs to adjust to being around people because of the conditions they grew up in.

"These dogs may have spent their entire lives in a crate, never getting the kindness or the care form a human being, so all they know are bad things. They are very backward socially and it takes sometimes a long time to get the used to people," said Lewis.

All the dogs including Honey's puppies will be up for adoption.

Animal House Rescue is in need of donations. The group is in need of leashes, dog food and money. They are also looking for volunteers to help foster the animals. For more information call 419-276-5699 or click here to visit their website.

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