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Waterville City Council approves plans for new apartment complex

WATERVILLE, OH (Toledo News Now) - Waterville City Council has approved plans for a new apartment complex. The new complex would be located on the corner of Waterville- Monclova and State Route 64.

A developer hopes to turn the land into the "Kensington Gardens," a 28-unit apartment complex. There will be two 1000 square foot apartments in each of the 14 buildings.

 "Some people are in favor of additional residents coming to town and patronizing the businesses. Others don't feel that's appropriate in that location," said Waterville Municipal Administrator Jim Bagdonas.

"These are all owner occupied homes in this area and we'd like to keep it that way," said Jim Perry who opposes the apartment complex.

Perry and some of his neighbors worry the condition of the apartments will deteriorate over time.

"The developer is entitled to develop the property. He owns it. All we're asking is that he puts it back into homes that are similar to the surrounding area," said Perry.

Eric Hartzell left Sylvania for Waterville when his kids were young.

"We wanted to get out of the city that was just expanding quicker than we would like," said Hartzell.

Hartzell is worried the same thing is happening here.

"Our concern is going to be the parking, the congestion," said Hartzell.

Residents will be circulating two petitions starting Thursday. There are no plans to build yet.

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