Bar Louie “DIVA” drink recipe

Vodka, Skyy Pineapple  1.25 OZ
Cordial, Pama    0.75 OZ
Juice Pineapple 1.00 OZ
Pomegranate Syrup 0.50 OZ       
Pineapple 1 wedge

1. Place all ingredients in order into 14 oz mixing glass.
2. Add ice to the top of the glass.
3. Place Mixing tin on top of 14 oz glass and hit one time to create seal.
4. With the bottom of the glass facing you, shake for 8-10 seconds in a rigorous manner. Remember, you are trying to wake the spirits up, not rock them to sleep.
5. Remove mixing glass by hitting the shaker one time with the heel of your hand.
6. Strain beverage into a chilled martini glass.