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Call 11 For Action follow up: Richards Music

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

In September, Call 11 For Action investigated complaints about Richards Music. Customers said it took them months to get instruments taken there for repairs back, and that Richards was uncooperative and deceptive.

After that report aired, several other customers and even employees came forward echoing their stories.

"They pretty much asked me to lie on a daily basis," said one former employee who wished to remain anonymous.

"As far as I was concerned it would be a lie. He was telling me to tell them it was locked away ‘you gotta wait for the tech to come in, it's locked away," said Leslie Zervas, who also worked at the store.

Both say they were routinely asked to lie to customers about the status of instruments which had been brought in for repair.

"[I was told to say] that I don't know anything. Nobody there knows anything. The person that worked on the instruments was out of the office. Or was unavailable when he would be sitting in the back, answering the phone call that the customer was here, but would not come out and speak with them," said the anonymous employee.

Zervas says if and when the instruments were finally fixed by Richards, customers would have to pay for the repairs before even inspecting the work.

"They have a policy there that you don't get your instrument until you pay for it. If you come in, and you're ready to pick up your instrument, you don't even get to view it, you don't get to look at it, you don't get to make sure the repairs are done until after it's been paid for," said Zervas.

Richards Music declined to comment for this or the previous Call 11 For Action story.

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