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Restaurant Ratings: Mice and insects finding their way into eateries

Inspectors found mice feces throughout Tex-Mex on South Broadway in south Toledo. Inspectors found mice feces throughout Tex-Mex on South Broadway in south Toledo.

(Toledo News Now) - Mice droppings and wall chippings are causing one Toledo eatery to fail by six violations this week, but it was not the only place to have pest problems.

Tex-Mex on South Broadway in south Toledo is in hot water for its failure to meet the county's basic health code. Mice feces were found throughout the facility combined with a lot of clutter, putting the restaurant at the top of the dirty restaurant list. Mice can carry dozens of diseases and transmit them via their waste or bites. Owners need to contact a pest control operator immediately to reduce the risk of exposure to rodent waste.

Inspectors also found floors needing tiles and walls needing a fresh coat of paint. Paint peeling has begun making the walls far from smooth and cleanable. Additionally, shelves have excessive buildup.

From rodents to insects, flies are taking flight into Howard's Drive Thru along Nebraska Avenue in central Toledo. All doors are encouraged to be closed to prevent the problem from worsening. Cleaning supplies will also need to be put into use to tackle the dust, dirt and clutter on shelves and fan covers.

A violation-free inspection report could not be championed at Mr. Hero on East Manhattan Boulevard in north Toledo. In fact, three repeat offenses were noted, including managing food temperature safely. Deli meat checked in at 57 degrees, when it should be sitting at or below 41 degrees. If meat and dairy items are not held at safe temperatures, it can lead to foodborne illness.

Inspectors also noted a hood filter needing a closer look due to excessive smoke consuming the kitchen. They also want the eatery to wash kitchen vents regularly to limit buildup. Water is damaging ceiling tiles because of a leak and another leak is present in the men's bathroom.

A total of 15 violations are expected to be addressed at Arturo's Fritz and Alfredo's on North Summit Street in north Toledo. Damp soiled cloths litter the kitchen and food items are uncovered in the cooler. Buildup and debris can be found in the freezer and on the convention oven. Some food items were even being stored without required dates. Cross-contamination was present when inspectors spotted raw shell eggs stored above ready-to-eat foods.

Cross-contamination was also an issue at the Panda Chinese Restaurant on Sylvania Avenue in west Toledo with raw chicken being stored above vegetables. Excessive buildup is under equipment and on storage shelves, while grease is sitting atop hood covers. Inspectors also recommended a new back door should be installed to keep pests from working their way inside.

Nine violations account for Generation's Family Restaurant's inspection report on West Alexis Road in west Toledo. Soup, pasta, chili and spaghetti sauce were still being housed passed the seven-day discard date. Inspectors also found a lot of grease and food behind grills, plus floors, walls and equipment are dirty.

There is some good news: Kam Wah Restaurant on North River Road in Waterville is in the clear this week, as well as Pajolly's on Sylvania Avenue in west Toledo.

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