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Webb: Parks levy a good investment

By Toledo City Councilwoman Lindsay Webb - email

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now Editorial) - I support Issue 5, the Toledo Parks and Recreation Levy and I encourage you to join me in voting to improve recreation in Toledo. 

Our city, like many of our households, has had decreased revenue, and because of that the City has reduced the amount of money for our parks and recreation and it shows. 

Most of the communities around Toledo fund their parks and recreation through levies to make sure that money is there for this important quality of life issue. 

A yes vote on Issue 5 will help Toledo provide what our suburbs do, and it will also free up money currently spent on recreation from the general fund that can be used for services like more police. 

This levy will cost the average home owner less than twenty dollars a year, and it goes into a dedicated fund that can only be used for recreation.  For our parks and our future, please vote yes on Issue 5.

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