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WTOL Editorial: Presidential debates helpful to voters

The Presidential and Vice-Presidential debates have become must-see TV!

To date, the people who have gotten to spend time with the candidates have been largely wealthy supporters, political insiders and Hollywood movie stars. 

For most voters these debates will be our only opportunity to see the candidates working without a prompter.  It is also one of the rare moments when the candidate is not in total control of the topics and the length of time dedicated to answering questions. 

For President Obama, this loss of control was a visibly uncomfortable situation.  For the challenger, Mitt Romney, the debate format gave him an opportunity to define himself.  Regardless of your current voting preference, the debates are compelling. 

We are discovering that neither candidate is the demonized caricature depicted in negative advertising.  Nor are they the perfect and compassionate person we see through the eyes of a consultant.  They are humans with flaws, weaknesses and strengths just like most people. 

But unlike the rest of us, they want to be President of the United States.  The debates should help you decide who deserves your vote. 

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