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Does it Work: Lava Seat

(Toledo News Now) - Val Causey is excited to see if the insulated cushion, Lava Seat, warms her as she prunes mums at her nursery.

"I don't know about six hours though," said Causey.

That's the claim: Get this pack piping hot, close it in the thermal bag, and have a seat. 

For starters, the seat is hot. In fact, we should have used oven mitts when handling it.

"It's warm. Very warm. Feels good," said Causey.

It might really feel good on those cold bleachers at football games. Causey is a huge supporter of the Sikeston Bulldogs herself.

"Very handy. It might keep you warm, so you don't freeze to death when you go to those cold games," Causey said.

The seat was put to test during miserable weather at the Sikeston/Cape Central game.

"The weather was horrific. If ever there was a good test for this product, it was this!" said next tester Sarah Garner.

Wearing her red and black gear, Garner also took the Lava Seat to the big game, as well as other games as she proudly watched her two sons play football.

Did it hold up six hours during the cold nights?

"I don't sit down a lot at games. I'm up and down cheering, so I think if you sit on it the whole time, maybe, but by halftime it was not hot," explained Garner.

However, Sarah Garner's still cheering for the $20 product. She says it is a comfy seat and believes it did stay hot for a reasonable amount of time.

"I'd still give it a 'B+' only the because of the six-hours claim. I'd say half of that time, it worked, and that half is still great. Football games are usually only two to three hours. I'm pleased," said Garner.

Causey agreed.

"I'd definitely buy it for $20," she said.

It seems the Lava Seat scores, earning a "B+" on this Does it Work test.  If interested, it can be purchased at Walgreens.

*Please follow the directions carefully and use oven mitts, as instructed. You must fold the pack in half, making sure the sides do not touch your microwave.*

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