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Health officials warn of carbon monoxide dangers

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Now that the weather is getting colder many people are starting to turn on the heat, but the simple way to stay warm could have a deadly hidden component. Carbon monoxide is a serious issue that families need to be aware of this winter to stay safe.

One of carbon monoxide's worst traits is that people can go days or even weeks without knowing it is circulating the home.

Local officials are stressing the importance of having a carbon monoxide detector and say the gas often comes from fuel-fired appliances that are not working properly. They say if it is in a home, people will experience symptoms like nausea, dizziness, confusion and chest pain.  

Each year thousands of people across the country are affected by carbon monoxide. If it is not caught or treated immediately it can become fatal.

"Approximately 150 people die each year from carbon monoxide poisoning. So it is a problem in the United States and especially in areas like Toledo where it gets cold. It's something that has to be appreciated and recognized," said Lt. Matthew Hertzfeld with the Toledo Fire Department.

According to officials, carbon monoxide detectors are just as important as fire detectors. They suggest the best place to put them is by bedrooms.

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