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4 suspects indicted for cheating at Hollywood Casino

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Four suspected crook have been indicted Wednesday for cheating at the Hollywood Casino. Three are from the Northwest Ohio area and one is from Michigan.

A test run of the new casino in Columbus took place Wednesday and its grand opening set for Monday.

The Ohio Casino Control Commission said they are prepared to deal with people who cannot play by the rules.

"They get away with it by being deceptive at the poker tables within the casinos, it's just not noticed maybe sometimes, where it may be noticed by surveillance or gaming agents in the casino," said gaming agent with the Ohio Casino Control Commission Doug St Clair.

One of defendants is being charged with four counts, another with six. All four suspects are accused of cheating at poker tables.

"The methods that the current people who were indicted were very unsophisticated, they were basic pinching and/or capping of bets and that's either a reduction in a losing bet some or part of their wager or it's a capping where they actually cap a winning bet to increase their profits," said St. Clair.

With the opening of the Hollywood Casino Columbus right around the corner, officials said they is not much they can do to prevent cheating.

"I'm not sure we'll be able to stop it. Our job is to preserve the integrity of gaming in the state of Ohio and that's what we've been trained to do and that's what we get paid to do so our job is to make sure this is a safe place where there is no cheating that's going to be tolerated in the casino," said St. Clair.

"Some of these dealers look for some signs, that we also look for, and then they will alert the pit boss supervisors, who will then in turn alert surveillance and then us, and then we'll monitor the situation and determine whether or not there's an actual cheat going on," said St. Clair.

The Ohio Casino Control Commission said their ultimate goal is to keep all casinos a safe place to gamble.

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