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TPS using new ‘sky cam’ to crack down on crime

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Toledo Police are setting up the new "sky cop" cameras in high crime neighborhoods to crack down on crime.

The "sky cop" camera at the intersection of Page and Mulberry in North Toledo is in front of the Gyro Express

The Gyro Express was the scene of last November's attempted robbery and fatal shooting of a suspect by a store clerk.

Will Townsend has been making pizzas at the Gyro Express store for three months. Townsend said the atmosphere here has completely changed since the "sky cop" was installed in July.

"People were just hanging around on the corner, hanging around. But now it's like, people just come here and order and get their food and they feel a lot safer and they even order more," said Townsend.

The owner said business is up 30 percent. Customers of all ages are coming back believing the constantly monitored camera is keeping criminals away.

"Everybody is now not afraid to come to the store and not being like oh no I am going to get robbed. But now it's like they can come freely, they are happy," said employee Amber Conklin.

Employees here feel safer too. Sandra Scott walks to and from work every day.

"It was kind of scary, especially at nighttime because there was a lot of people hanging around and stuff like that. We don't have that any more. I mean, we don't see nobody out on the streets at 11:00 at night anymore like it used to," said Scott.

There is a camera across from the Huntington Center downtown Toledo. The owner of "Our Brothers Place" already thinks it is working.

"We got a lot of women who come down through here and we mostly escort all the women out of here but you know coming in, they're going to look up and they are like yeah they are watching so they are going to feel a little safer," said Mike Johnson.

The flashing blue light means a camera is operating and it is monitoring what is going on back at the safety building. Phase one of the cameras will be done by the end of October.

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