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Waniewski: Issue 5 ‘like throwing money down the drain’

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

By Toledo City Councilman Tom Waniewski - email

TOLEDO, OH (EDITORIAL) - Toledoans are being asked this year to raise their property taxes by voting for Issue 5, the Recreation Tax. City Councilman Tom Waniewski says in an editorial, it's the wrong tax at the wrong time.

Voting for this Recreation Tax is like throwing money down the drain, ironically, just as the city raised your water bills. There are three main reasons to vote no.

First, the $3 million this levy would raise, is really replacing the $3million we already budget. But you're not getting a refund so where's the "extra" money going?

Second, there are plenty of park and recreation activities in town already run by the "Y" or the Boys & Girls Clubs. The city should not be in the business of programming recreational activities.

Finally, we have more than 140 parks in the city. With this tax, levy proponents want to add five more large parks. We should be paving more roads and adding more police, not adding more parks.

In this economy, when it's become more expensive to live in our homes, why would anyone think of voting to make it even more expensive, especially for senior citizens? This is a burdensome, wasteful charge to home owners, and it's time to send Issue 5 to the showers.

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