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Bikers ride in support of murdered family

SANDUSKY, OH (Toledo News Now) - Heather Jackson and her two children were murdered three weeks ago in Sandusky.

On Saturday, a major fundraiser was held for the Jackson family, one that took people across Northwest Ohio and back to an American Legion Post.

The fundraiser was organized by the group BAANC-Bikers Against Abused and Neglected Children.

Nearly 300 riders participated in a poker run to help pay for the funeral expenses of the three murder victims.

"Oh it's astounding the support that's come out. Hell, look at all the bikes!," said Heather's brother Nick Fee.

At the Legion, the riders enjoyed live entertainment, beverages and food.

Many wore T-shirts honoring Heather and her two slain kids reading 'Heaven Couldn't Wait.'

BAANC members say the Jacksons and other victims represent why they roared along the roadways on Saturday.

"They need us to be there when they are abused and neglected. Family needs us there when children are murdered," said BAANC member Randi Leimbach.

The alleged killer of the Jacksons is Curtis Clinton.

He's pleaded not guilty to five counts of aggravated murder in connection with the case.

If convicted, Clinton could receive the death penalty.

At the fundraiser, a petition was passed around urging the judge in the case to do exactly that.

"I was in the Vietnam war. That's a war. This guy has murdered people in the United States. He should be put to death," said petition organizer Richard Pringle.

Heather's brother has a message for all women on how to prevent getting into a potentially fatal relationship.

"Watch who you bring home. Watch who you talk to. Know who you're talking to before you bring them into your life," said Mr. Fee.

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