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BGSU faculty staged ‘grade-in’, continuing contract negotiations

BOWLING GREEN, OH (Toledo News Now) - Bowling Green State University faculty staged a 'grade-in' Friday outside of the student union as they continue to negotiate for a contract.

Since they unionized two years ago, 800 full-time faculty members have been working without contracts.

In addition to grading, the teachers posted signs, handed out buttons and t-shirts and allowed students to sign up and 'grade' the board of trustees on their work.

Amidst a busy campus on homecoming weekend, the faculty said they wanted to display unity as they begin their 15th month of negotiations. They feel a contract is long overdue and well-deserved.

"The reason its taken way to long is because the administration continues to make proposals that are simply un-workable they admit that BGSU faculty are among the lowest paid in the state, the lowest paid in the country. Their proposal actually calls for a salary cut. They've attacked tenure, they've attacked academic freedom, they've attacked all the things that make for a quality education for BGSU students," said president of BGSU Faculty Association David Jackson.

"These individuals give so much and aren't really accredited to what they actually are contributing...and I think it's a shame that they even have to come out here and kind of do these kind of protests," said senior Nolan Cavano.

This wasn't the only demonstration by the faculty. During Friday afternoon's Board of Trustees meeting, they simultaneously walked out shortly after it began. They have yet to be added to any agendas for board meetings.

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