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1 man killed by police in north Toledo

Darrell James Parnell (Source: Lucas County Jail) Darrell James Parnell (Source: Lucas County Jail)

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Darrell James Parnell, 19, was killed by a Toledo police officer early Friday after police say he resisted arrest and assaulted an officer.

Police said Officer Cousino and his partner Jesse Cordero were investigating the break-in of a Jeep in the 1300 block of Michigan. Parnell was confronted by the pair, resisted arrest and took off running.

"I was thinking 'Wow. Something is really going on outside.' And when I opened the door and walked to my car I go 'Oh my God. It's my car,'"said Amy Folts.

Officer Cousino caught up with Parnell and tased him twice before Parnell took off running into a field.

"You hear the police officer yell 'Do you want to get tased?' And then you hear the chain link fence like they're jumping them," said Folts.

 Parnell was unarmed but police said he got a hold of Officer Cousino's baton and hit him in the head.

Officer Cousino pulled out his gun, shooting Parnell once in the chest.

"The officer was definitely in fear for his safety. He was being assaulted. Struck. Traumatized. Yes, he was in fear for his life," said Chief Derrick Diggs.

Police say Parnell had an active warrant out for his arrest for attempted felonious assault in 2011. Store owner Ali Abelu said Parnell came in angry, drunk and stole a can of beer. A clerk confronted Parnell and was reportedly beaten to a pulp.

 "He was in bad shape. He beat him up in the eye. Took out a socket. In intensive care for a week," said Ali Abelu.

Officer Cousino was hospitalized for his injuries and released. Officer Cousino and Officer Cordero are on three day administrative leave.

Chief Diggs said Friday that it appears Cousino acted in self defense, but that a criminal and internal investigation will still be conducted.

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