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NFL replacement refs lose internet battle

Sports entertainment channel, "The NOC," shot a music parody about the NFL's replacement refs set to Flo Rida's "Whistle." (Source: YouTube) Sports entertainment channel, "The NOC," shot a music parody about the NFL's replacement refs set to Flo Rida's "Whistle." (Source: YouTube)

(RNN) – Many NFL fans are taking to social media with their outrage with the league's replacement referees and their blown calls. The experiment seems no longer funny to football fanatics, but some of the parodies popping up about the damage being done are.

And the pressure seems to be working. The New York Times that the real refs and the NFL are close to a deal.

The summer hit that just won't go away is not likely to leave anytime soon, and surprise, this version has gone viral.

Call It Maybe, a parody of Carly Rae Jepsen's hit Call Me Maybe, takes NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell under fire for the growing uproar over replacement refs.

"I threw my wish in the well - Got a call from Roger Goodell - Wanna ref the NFL? - I said I'm on my way," parody writer Seth Haake wrote.

As for the hook? "Hey, I just met you - That play was crazy - What's his number? - I'll call it, maybe."

Sports entertainment channel, The NOC, took on Flo Rida's hit Whistle to call the refs "scabs" and goes on to sing about a previous jobs as a "line cook, for a Division III high school."

The catchy chorus goes like this, "I just bought a whistle baby, whistle baby, let me ref - Girl I don't know the rules except they tell me how to dress - I just wave my arms around and then I throw my flag - I just bought a whistle baby, whistle baby... I'm a scab."

Even a Green Bay TV station took to commenting on the debacle and added some humor to a weather cast with a "replacement weather guy," showing temperatures of minus 200 degrees and even an evening "ThunderBlizzardHurricane."

After a quiet preseason, a growing chorus of players, celebrities and politicians has griped about missed or misinterpreted calls by the replacements.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) has called for the return of NFL's regular unionized officials after the Monday night game.

"After catching a few hours of sleep, the #Packers game is still just as painful. #Returntherealrefs," Walker wrote on Twitter Tuesday.

Packers guard T.J. Lang took out his frustrations on Twitter with quite a profane rant.

"Got (expletive) by the refs. Embarrassing. Thanks nfl," Lang wrote. "(Expletive) it NFL. Fine me and use the money to pay the regular refs."

Even actor Samuel L. Jackson took to twitter to out his aggravations with the refs.

"Okay, TOTALLY TIME for the Cheap Assed Owners to PONY UP!! These refs are in Over their heads!!! OBVIOUSLY!!!"

There's now an online petition drive asking the NFL to end the referee lockout immediately.

The petition on, started weeks ago, asks for fan signatures to call for ending the labor dispute with referees.

The petition, needing 25,000 supporters, is already up to nearly 24,000.

"There's no reason they can't reach a resolution with the most experienced officials, so we're hoping to put some pressure on them," Brian Frederick, executive director of the Sports Fan Coalition said.

In case you missed it (which is doubtful), these videos starting gaining popularity after the Monday night football game with the Greenbay Packers vs. the Seattle Seahawks.

After 10 minutes of utter chaos, two different calls and deciding whether it was a touchdown or interception, Seahawks Golden Tate was awarded the game-winning touchdown outraging NFL fans across the country.

What do you think? Is it time for a fan boycott?

Notable Tweets:

"Can someone please tell these (expletive) zebras foot locker called and they're needed Back at work !!!! #BreakingPoint" - Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes

"Golden Tate blatantly pushed off and M.D. Jennings intercepted the pass, according to two well-places sources: my left and right eye." -  Adam Schefter of ESPN NFL Insider.

"All nfl fans watch the Ryder Cup this week, we got no refs." — Masters champion Bubba Watson.

"Until the regular referees come back they should just decide the game based on the opening coin flip." – Actor/comedian Seth Myers

"The name of the field judge in tonight's replacement refs crew in Seattle...Richard Simmons. #mnf" – Sportscaster Linda Cohn

"I've seen enough. From now on I'm exclusively betting on boxing." – Writer Cousin Sal.

""The replacement officials aren't THAT bad. They haven't cost anybody a game." - Nobody. Not anymore." - ESPN reporter Michael Smith.

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