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Restaurant Ratings Report: Cockroaches, other violations found at area diner

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Among the most shocking discoveries made by the Lucas County Health Department this week were the dead cockroaches found in the bar area at the Sylvania Diner on West Alexis Rd. in Sylvania.

That was not the only health code violation there, though. Inspectors also discovered lime build up inside the dish machine, build up on door handles and the ice machine, paint peeling from a ceiling near the cook line and a lack of date labeling on food. Health Department officials also noted that access to a kitchen area sink was block by equipment, making it difficult for employees to wash their hands.  Management says they are working to correct the problems.

Among the thirteen violations found at the Beer Dock on North Huron St. in Toledo were beverages being stored in the basement, build up on shelves, coolers and fans and no soap or paper towels in the bathroom.  All of those are repeat violations for the Beer Dock.

At Jo-Jo's Pizza on Mayberry Square in Sylvania, inspectors found raw eggs being stored above tuna salad.  Health Department regulations require that raw eggs be stored below cooked, ready to serve foods to avoid contamination.  There was no hand soap or paper towels at the bar sink at Jo-Jo's, and inspectors observed gnats in the restaurant, a repeat violation.

Gino's Pizza on West Alexis Rd. took home the title of top violator this week, with 20 citations including an inoperable dish machine and freezer, a broken faucet, dirty plastic baskets behind bar and a mop being stored in dirty water.  Health Department officials say when not in use, mops should always be stored dry to avoid the buildup of bacteria.

There was some good news for area diners this week as well. The Longhorn Steakhouse on Dussel Dr. in Maumee passed inspection with no violations. 

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