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Fight over balloon leads to shots fired

Bullet hole in Chrysler 300 sedan (Courtesy: Clarksville Police) Bullet hole in Chrysler 300 sedan (Courtesy: Clarksville Police)
James Antonio Bagwell James Antonio Bagwell

A fight over a child's balloon ended with some very grown-up consequences.

Clarksville police said by the time it was over, a car and home were riddled with bullets and two adults were lucky to make it out alive.

The fight started when a 2-year-old got her hands on the balloon tied up to a home three doors down that was going to be shown by a real estate agent.

The end result was bullets flying and attempted murder charges.

"This whole situation was crazy from the onset," said Clarksville police spokesman Officer Jim Knoll.

When the balloon was retrieved from the child by a 24-year-old man, an argument ensued with some of the residents on Barkwood Drive.

First, some words were exchanged. Then came some racial slurs.

"I said, 'OK, that's strike two. You've got one more time to call my son that, and I'm going to kill you out here,'" said the child's grandfather, Clinton Hunter Jr.

Next, a Ford Thunderbird with five men inside arrived and tried to block the real estate agent's path. As the men exited the Thunderbird, officers said one of them started shooting.

Handgun rounds struck the door and hood of the agent's car, as well as a nearby house.

"So you've got a home being hit, you've got people out everywhere - I mean, it's surprising we didn't have to investigate a homicide," Knoll said.

James Antonio Bagwell, 22, of Clarksville, surrendered to police Tuesday afternoon on a charge of attempted criminal homicide. He was jailed on $500,000 bond.

Police also arrested a 16-year-old juvenile on a charge of criminal responsibility for solicitation of a felony. He was detained at a juvenile detention facility.

"This is just crazy all the way down the line. You've got a balloon, a 2-year-child has a balloon, things get ugly and then here comes the cavalry shooting up everything. It's just insanity," Knoll said.

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