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Does it Work: Ahh Bra

(Toledo News Now) - Heather Freeland is one of many who've seen the "Ahh Bra" advertised on TV.

She said after a long day on her feet working as a convenience store clerk, her normal bra often digs into her shoulders and leaves her back hurting. She hopes Ahh Bra lives up to its promises to be more comfortable. The makers say no cups, no wires, and no hooks will leave you letting out a sigh of relief, but Does it Work?

Freeland slipped on the Ahh Bra. It's difficult to tell if there is a huge difference in support in looking at "before and after" photos. However, Freeland said she can feel the difference.

"It's amazing. I love this. I can move around better. I can breathe. It feels like more support than you'd get from a sports bra, which it kind of looks like. I'd definitely buy this," said Freeland.

To be sure, Freeland wore this for several days and at work. She also laundered it with no problems.

She sticks with her initial review: "I love it. I'd definitely get a few for $15. I'd give it an ‘A.'"

We'll take her word for it. The Ahh Bra earns an "A" on this Does it Work test. It can be bought at Walmart.

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