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Toledo woman facing charges after dog bit alleged intruder

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - A Toledo woman is facing charges for failing to restraint her dog after authorities say her guard dog bit a man.

Carissa Curry received a note from the Lucas County dog warden that her boxer-pit bill mix, Duke had bit someone. Curry thinks the man was trying to break in.

Prosecutors said the dog was loose but Curry said she never leaves Duke out in the yard when she is not home.

 "Anybody can come past my house any time they want they will never see my dog outside when I'm not here, it doesn't happen," said Curry.    

Curry was not home at the time so there is no way to prove it. Lucas County dog warden Julie Lyle is classifying Duke as "dangerous". Duke will have to get a special license and live under certain guidelines.

"It's just the fact that hey this dog bit somebody, we need to make sure people are safe in the future and this doesn't happen again and this is the way the law sets up for us to handle that," said Chief Lyle.  

Curry said she is worried the landlord will evict her for having a "dangerous dog." If charges against her go through, Curry said she could lose her job.

 "I feel like I am the innocent technically victim here and I'm being treated like a criminal. He's protecting us, that's all he knows, he's a dog and he did his job," said Curry.

 Records show the dog was not up to date on vaccinations. Curry is due back in court Thursday for a pre-trial hearing.

Curry is trying to raise money to afford a lawyer. Curry has set up a Facebook account and a donation website.

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