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Mayor Bell among city officials at meeting discussing neighborhood crime

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - The Old West End community came together Thursday night to tackle crime.  Top Toledo officials, including Mayor Mike Bell, came to listen.

 The town hall meeting was sponsored by the group ESOP, Empowering and Strengthening Ohio's People.

 Around 100 people showed up to tell city leaders what they think needs to be done to end the violence. It was a different type of meeting for longtime Toledo officials. There was no screaming and shouting, rather calm.

 "Where not only are the city services being more accepted by the citizens but we are also trying to be more accepting of the citizens problems in trying to solve them," said Toledo Police Dept. Chief George Taylor.

 Among the hot topics was how new cameras posted around Toledo will catch criminals.

"Because they'll be people watching you commit the crime and make it easier for us to identify the criminal," said Dept. Chief Taylor.

Another issue that came up is why police cannot do something to capture crooks dumping garbage on vacant lots.

"There's a priority that we answer calls on. Dumping doesn't fall at the top of the priority," said Det. Chief Taylor.

It was frank talk from city leaders people at the meeting appreciate.

"That's what they need. They need to hear from those in place to get things done," said Earl Barry.

"What has to happen is people have to quit ignoring what's happening in front of them, quit being spectators, get into the game," said Mayor Bell.

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