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Does it Work: Stretch Genie

(Toledo News Now) - Simply spray Stretch Genie on snug shoes and watch as it instantly stretches the shoes into a more comfortable fit, but Does it Work?

Tonya Beeson is like so many of us who often wear shoes that are just too tight. She's skeptical, but optimistic, Stretch Genie can "instantly" change that - so it promises. The makers instruct you to simply spray their solution all over the inside of your shoes. The liquid should relax the fabric or leather, instantly making your shoes more comfortable to wear.

Beeson and her friend both spray Stretch Genie onto their high heels. Both cringe and laugh at the slimy feeling left behind as they step into the shoes. Both do say, however, they think the shoes feel slightly more loose, but the results are not "mind-blowing."

To be official, they measured the shoes before and after they sprayed, both inside the sole and outside to see. Results found Stretch Genie only lengthened the shoe by about a centimeter.

The manufacturers recommend you spray the solution and then insert their expander tool. Next, you leave the shoes overnight to get the full stretching effect. Beeson and her friend measure beforehand, and do just that.

Exactly 24 hours later, results were again about a centimeter in difference. The shoes felt slightly less snug, but not enough to justify spending $10 on the product.

It begs the question: Is there really anything in this liquid solution at all?

The minimal results, along with the sticky, slimy mess left behind in the shoes, lead to claims the Stretch Genie is a "stretch" itself and wishes were not granted. It's a disappointing 'D' for Stretch Genie on this Does it Work Test.

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