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Findlay School District adjusts budget to compensate $900K reduction

FINDLAY, OH (Toledo News Now) – One school district is operating with $900,000 less in its budget. Now leaders are forced to use the chopping block.

It is the same amount of cuts Findlay faced last year, but the district treasurer says he has a plan to lessen the blow.

On Monday night, the Findlay School Board announced it will face a $900,000 reduction in revenue for the next school year. Treasurer Mike Barnhart says he has been reviewing numbers.  

"We expected it. We do a five-year forecast and we keep track of what's happening and we plan accordingly," explained Barnhart.

Since it was no surprise, the district has been working to pinch pennies wherever they can. Last year, teachers received no increase on their base salary and no pay for an additional year of working. School staff also negotiated a new health care plan saving $800,000.

The plan to close a middle school and build two new ones, as well as opening the millstream career center, are also decreasing costs.

"We save on staff, we don't have to have three different custodians, three different secretaries," said Barnhart.

The treasurer does not expect students to see any changes.    

"These cuts have not affected any programming, any academic offerings" said Barnhart.

The next budget has not been approved yet, but Barnhart plans to continue looking for ways to cut costs with little to no effect on education.  

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