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Neighbors remember victims of triple homicide in Sandusky

SANDUSKY, OH (Toledo News Now) - A memorial has been set up at the house in Sandusky where three homicide victims lived.

Police are being tight lipped about the case, only saying leads are being pursued.

The victims include 23 year old Heather Jackson, her three year old daughter Celina and eighteen month old son Wayne.

The horrible discovery was made Saturday night after someone called police to check on the safety of residents.

"It scares me. Keep my doors locked," said neighbor Rhonda Chill.

She and another neighbor, Richard Sosa, stood outside the murder scene stunned by what happened.

"I hope they catch the coward and he gets everything he deserves," said Mr. Sosa.

Lyndsi Belvis is a friend of Heather, who says she is single and a stay at home mom.

She's devastated by the gruesome news.

"She was a very loving person. Always there with her kids. Very friendly. Not a hurtful person at all," said Ms. Belvis.

Her son Jalquez says he brought a stuffed animal to put on the growing memorial to honor the young victims who lived at the house.

"Because I feel bad," said Jalquez.

Police are not releasing any information about a motive, cause of death or potential suspects.

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