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DNC: Remarks by Cindy Hewitt

The following is a transcript of a speech by Cindy Hewitt, former employee at a company controlled by Romney's Bain Capital, at the Democratic National Convention.

When Mitt Romney first announced he was running for president, I had no idea who he was. But then I learned he was the CEO of Bain Capital, and that got my attention real fast. I used to work at a plant inMiami that Governor Romney bought with his partners at Bain Capital.

I say "used to" because not long after they bought it, Romney and his partners shut our plant down and ultimately drove the company into bankruptcy. Our company, Dade Behring, was a big part of the community. There were folks who'd been there for 15 to 20 years. But by the time Romney and his partners were done with us, we'd lost 850 jobs in Florida.

It was a really difficult time for me and my co-workers, but not for Governor Romney and his partners. While we watched our jobs disappear, they ultimately walked away with more than $240 million. Of course I understand that some companies are successful and others are not—that's the way our economy works.

But it's wrong when dedicated, productive employees feel the pain while folks like Mitt Romney make profits.

So when Mitt Romney talks about his business experience, remember: It is not experience creating good-paying jobs. It is experience cutting jobs. It is experience shutting plants. It is experience making millions by making life tougher for hard-working Americans. That's not the kind of experience we need in the White House.

We need a president who will create good-paying jobs and make sure everyone has a fair chance. We need President Barack Obama.

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