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Ann Romney visits NW Ohio Wednesday, campaigns hope for more woman voters

FINDLAY, OH (Toledo News Now) - The 2012 President campaign between President Obama and Mitt Romney are looking for any advantage in the presidential campaign. Both campaigns are courting women voters to turn the tide.

Two nights before President Obama accepts the nomination for re-election, wife Michelle Obama was the big hit in Charlotte.

Bowling Green State University political science professor Dr. Melissa Miller says the president and Mitt Romney will be looking for any advantage.

"This election is so close it will be decided at the margins. Little things, like an engaging speech made by a spouse of one of the candidates," said Dr. Miller.

Dr. Miller said women voters tend to vote democratic and there is a clear gender gap for Romney. Dr. Miller is not surprising Ann Romney will speak at the University of Findlay Winebrenner Building at 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon.

"They tend to live longer and they tend to turn out to vote at a higher rate than men. Women just tend to be more habitual voters, voting more reliably. So that could translate into sort of big numbers for whoever wins among women," said Dr. Miller

Female voters in Perrysburg say they are more closely following the presidential wives in 2012.

"I certainly can feel for what they are going through, kind of relate to them, as a mom, and as a wife and as a woman so I do pay attention," said Chris Roof.

"I think the wives are almost just as important as the vice presidents. And I think they know that too, They are not there just to show the family is an important institution but also that as a strong woman they will be working for different platforms," said Stephanie Cutcher.

The doors open at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday morning for Ann Romney's visit.

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