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Survey: Purple equals passion in the boudoir

A new survey suggests there are more "intimate encounters" in a purple bedroom. A new survey suggests there are more "intimate encounters" in a purple bedroom.

(RNN) - With all the hype of Christian Grey's "Red Room of Pain" in Fifty Shades of Grey, you'd think red would be the color of passion.

But according to a new survey, men and women who have purple bedrooms have the most sex per week.

The survey found couples with purple-themed bedrooms have sex more than three times a week on average, slightly ahead of those who prefer red.

British retailer Littlewoods surveyed 2,000 British couples and found purple topped the list at 3.49 "intimate encounters" per week. The least active color scheme was gray - ironically - averaging 1.8 times per week.

The survey also revealed that people who slipped into silk sheets were more sexually active, averaging 4.25 times per week. That was almost double those who used polyester.

The Littlewoods statistics showed couples adopting the heady mixture of color and texture had sex more than five times a week.

"For years I have been telling British homeowners, a beige bedroom makes for a beige sex life," Littlewoods homes style expert Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen said. "That's one thing I wouldn't want to wish on anyone."

Here is a list of the stats:

Bedroom Color

Type of Bedding

Purple – 3.49

Red – 3.18

Sky Blue – 3.14

Pink – 3.02

Black – 2.99

Navy Blue – 2.76

Yellow – 2.43

Orange – 2.36

Brown – 2.10

White – 2.02

Beige – 1.97

Green – 1.89

Silk – 4.35

Cotton – 2.72

Nylon – 2.35

Polyester – 2.33

Duvet – 1.80


Grey – 1.80  

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