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Chrys Peterson interviews Paul Ryan

TOLEDO, OH (TOLEDO NEWS NOW) - Toledo News Now anchor and reporter Chrys Peterson interviewed Paul Ryan via satellite on Monday.

He was asked several questions including a few submitted by Toledo News Now viewers.

When asked about the running-mate pick, Ryan said Romney told him he was chosen because they shared the same values and that Ryan's experience complemented that of Romney. He said the GOP presidential candidate told him he knows how to get things done because he's been a reformer.

Ryan was also asked about how his plan to balance the budget and reduce the deficit differed from Romney and whether it would be a problem between the two of them. Ryan said it would absolutely not be a problem. He explained that no two people have the exact same opinion. He added that he's excited about the leadership that Romney provides.

The entire premise of the their plan for a stronger middle class, according to Ryan, is about getting people back to work in addition to a balanced budget and getting debt paid off.

He said they plan to work for higher paying jobs as well as adding more jobs. They'll do this by using the energy we have to lower gas prices. They want job training benefits to get people the skills they need to get good jobs. The pair also supports trade agreements that he says work for America, adding that they want to stop abusers like China from cheating in the agreements. Additionally, they want to ensure Americans can make things and grow things to sell overseas.

Lastly, he says the Romney/Ryan ticket wants to champion small businesses.

Watch the video embedded in this story for more of the interview.

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